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Talking Need some cute girls to model?

I am a professional photographer looking to trade for some items. I will take all the pictures you would like and email them to you within a week of receiving the product. I am up for photographing anything. My girls, 6 & 4, love love love modeling. I make bows and outfits also so they are used to it and love it.

I would love to do straight across trades as in the product for the photos but if you have more then one item I am willing to send some of the items back, we would discuss this when we decided.

I am located in Germany as my husband is in the Army so I have some pretty neat places I can go to take pictures and don't worry the shipping is the same as in the States. I can do studio or outside. Here are some of the pictures I have taken recently. Also look me up on FB under MadGab Photography to see my other shoots.

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