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Default Re: First Pics w/ Floordrop and Backdrop

Gorgeous choices (and girly!). It is an expensive addiction lol but so fun!

I just got one on Wednesday from PhotoProp
here's my daughter modeling for me!/photo.php?fbid=172397386132340&set=a.101686963203383.2920.100000862389541&notif_t=photo_reply

Another drop seller is Lemondrop Stop-Backdrops, you have to add her as a friend on FB, but her website is here:
She just announced a sale on FB...
START: Monday, January 3rd
END: Wednesday, January 5th at Midnight
Buy TWO drops get ONE drop FREE.

I won a drop from her the other day and already received tracking info. That's quick!! It's supposed to arrive on the 4th, so I'm gonna check the quality before taking advantage of the sale I can't wait though!
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