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Default Re: small clippies? DO they exist?

Originally Posted by ceamama View Post
If you glue the flat part of the mini alligator to the bottom of the resin, or a flattened bottle cap, you can "hide" the clip under the embellishment. See the scotty dog I made for an example. The clip virtually disappears under the resin, specially on a black bow.
Originally Posted by ceamama View Post
Mine are 1 3/8", on the ones I've done so far, I put the clip flat side up. I have no idea how to explain it, but I haven't had any trouble putting them on & off. I pinch the clip open, slide it into the loop on the bow, and release it when I'm putting it on, and then I just slide my finger under neath & squeeze & slide when I need to take it off. No problems for me.

As for using them with bottle caps, let me see....

If you use a flattened cap, it sticks out LESS than 1/4" on either side.
Ok. I went back and re-read your earlier post and took a closer look at your pictures. I see that just enough of the alli's hinge is accessible from the top to open and close it.

But you were able to minimize the amount showing by gluing the embellishment to the flat side. (Normally the flat side would be down).

I wouldn't have thought to try that but I can see it looks good. That may have a lot to do with the quality of your workmanship.
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