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Default Re: small clippies? DO they exist?

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
This is further evidence that I have a very poor grasp of spatial relationships and mechanics.

I'm having a really hard time understanding how you could get at the hinge to operate it.

Sorry if you've already answered this, but how long are the mini allis you use and where do you get them?

ETA: Do you think a mini alli would work on a bottlecap?

Mine are 1 3/8", on the ones I've done so far, I put the clip flat side up. I have no idea how to explain it, but I haven't had any trouble putting them on & off. I pinch the clip open, slide it into the loop on the bow, and release it when I'm putting it on, and then I just slide my finger under neath & squeeze & slide when I need to take it off. No problems for me.

As for using them with bottle caps, let me see....

If you use a flattened cap, it sticks out LESS than 1/4" on either side.
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