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Default Re: What measurements do you use for templates?

Originally Posted by LovingLorelei View Post
I am making my own templates with cardboard that I have laying around. I saw an old thread where someone said to make one 7 inches for a 5 inch bow with 1 1/2" ribbon and I tried it and my bow is atleast 5 1/2"...closer to 6". What measurements do you use? TIA!
That is going to depend, in part, on whether you are making a pinwheel or a funky type boutique bow.

If the dimensions were intended for a funky boutique and you made a pinwheel then the loops will be longer, rather than taller and fuller, so the bow will seem wider.

If you don't get an answer to your specific question try searching the terms "template" and "dimension" and see if you get lucky. You might find more than you need. Then again you might not get any hits.

Good luck.
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