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Default Re: Bottle cap--NO RESIN!

Originally Posted by Laralynne109 View Post
Hi, I'm new to this whole bottle cap thing. They have really taken off at my daughter's school so I wanted us to try and make some together. I bought her's from a local toy store. They are not filled with resin (the image is on the inside of the cap). It's got some sort of very thin shiny coating on it and they have rinestones glued on them.

I want to make some, but don't want to fool with resin. I've been doing a lot of reading on here and it looks like several people recommend using the "X" shaped sticker maker to adhere the images to the bottle cap. Do I still need to go over that with something else to make sure it "sticks" or can I just glue the reinstones directly to the sticker? Any help is greatly appreciated.
I'm not a big bottlecap person, but the ones I made I used modpodge and Diamond Glaze. I glue the image to the inside of the bottle cap with mod podge. I also smooth a thin layer of MP over the image. After that dry's thoroughly, I cover with a thin layer of Diamond Glaze. If I want to use a rhinestone, I place it in the wet Diamond Glaze. Then let that dry and your BC is ready. Sometimes I use a second layer of DG, if needed. HTH
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