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Default Re: small clippies? DO they exist?

Originally Posted by kelmac View Post
Very nice. The last picture suggests they fit together better than I would have thought.

Do you have any plans to offer them to your customers? If so, would you charge more than you would for a stacked bow with the same components, due to the additional hardware? Or would you offer it as a package with a couple of small bows and/or a couple of centers?

Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures.

Probably slightly more, due to the hardware. I think I would probably offer "base bow", "middle bow" and "toppers" that allows them to mix & match for themselves. Base bows could be on alligators OR french clips, middles would probably be on 30MM snaps, and "toppers" on mini alligator clips OR snap clips, depending on the topper. If I did really small bows as toppers, they would easily go on snap clips, for things like bottle caps, it might be easier to use them with mini alligators.
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