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Default Re: Other than grosgrain, what ribbon korks well?

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
my memory on how i did these is returning - they are boiled/baked in hot water . . . hope nobody tried doing this yet

i cut my dowels shorter than a lasagna pan/13 x 9" . . . and poured boiling water over them and let them sit for awhile . . . maybe 5 min?

let them cool - unwind!

now i remember - my kids got some shoelaces . . . like these . . . so i tried to duplicate it.

these directions for making curlies just say run under hot water - it didn't set the plastic well enough for my liking . . . hence the boiling water soak!

i made these a decade or two or three ago . . . so pls excuse me if this info didn't stick in my brain!

edit . . . also test out/vary the wrap spacing . . . cause they don't stretch out, leave a little space between the coils when wrapping/half the width of the cording usually comes out the best.
How very, very clever of you pr! I could see you marketing an entire line like this as aquatic bows! Girls could wear them swimming

Thanks for sharing (I still hope to see pics when you get the chance)
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