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Default Re: Other than grosgrain, what ribbon korks well?

my memory on how i did these is returning - they are boiled/baked in hot water . . . hope nobody tried doing this yet

i cut my dowels shorter than a lasagna pan/13 x 9" . . . and poured boiling water over them and let them sit for awhile . . . maybe 5 min?

let them cool - unwind!

now i remember - my kids got some shoelaces . . . like these . . . so i tried to duplicate it.

these directions for making curlies just say run under hot water - it didn't set the plastic well enough for my liking . . . hence the boiling water soak!

i made these a decade or two or three ago . . . so pls excuse me if this info didn't stick in my brain!

edit . . . also test out/vary the wrap spacing . . . cause they don't stretch out, leave a little space between the coils when wrapping/half the width of the cording usually comes out the best.

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