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Smile Looking for Anyone to Trade Services

Hi! I am a mother of three amazing kids, and I am an ambitious photographer. I live in a town in Kansas of 20,000 which is centered in the middle of many smaller towns, and with so few photographers that are based here or around the area that I live, I do a lot of sessions each month for girls and boys of all ages. My goal is to be able to spend more time at home with my kids, and so I treasure my photography business. I build my business a little at a time. I offer great prices for all sessions, which allows everyone to get professional pictures done without emptying their pockets at the same time. Being reasonably priced brings in a lot of business, but makes for slow expansion as far as getting new props or items for my customers to be photographed in. To help me expand my business a little more, I have began trading with boutiques and individuals who want pictures of their items being modeled.

This can be done a few ways. I am pretty flexible and can work with anyone on making a deal that works well for both of us. I am a stay at home mom, my studio is in my home, and so I can take the pictures of the items very quickly after receiving them and have a great turn around time for anyone who needs pictures back quickly.

*Item Trade for Photos: Boutiques/Individuals send me what they want modeled, whether its as simple as a bow, or a complete outfit, or more… and allow me to keep what they send me in return for photos of their items being modeled by my clients.

*Partial Trade for Photos of Items Modeled: If you have a few outfits or several items that you would like modeled I would consider a partial trade. (Example: If you sent 3 outfits to be modeled I would ask to keep 1, but you would receive photos of all 3 being modeled.) The sender would be responsible for shipping charges for the items that need returning.

*Payment for Photos of Items Modeled: Sender must pay shipping both ways. There is no set fee for how much I would charge to take photos of items sent to me to be returned after photos are taken. It depends on how much is sent. 5 items would be less than 20 items. Contact me if you are interested in this and we will discuss it further.

If you are interested in trading services contact me here or email me at [email protected]

Please Include:
* Description of items:
* Type of Service Needed: (Item Itself / Modeled / Both)
* Type of Service Returned: (Full Trade / Partial Trade / Payment)
* Age Group to be modeled by: (Newborn / _-_Months old / _-_Years old / Teen / Adult)
* # of models / item: (1, 2, 3, Twins, Triplets, Siblings)
* Type of Photos for Item: (Single Pictures or Single Pictures and Collage)
* Business Name on Photos or Collages: (yes/no)
* Photos Watermarked Ashley’s Photography: (yes/no)

Single Pictures / Collage Description

*Single Pictures
-Item unworn, not being modeled
-Close ups of a model wearing the item (works well for small items such as bows, flowers, or hats, whether its being modeled with or without an outfit)
-Full photos of a model wearing the item (works well for full outfits)

-Can be put together using several pictures of the modeled item / outfit
-Can include different types of shots; item alone, close up, full shot, etc…
-Can include writing; business name, description of item, price, etc…

As long as I know when you are sending the items, I can have a model or models ready before your package arrives to me. As soon as the package arrives I will contact the model(s) and have the photos taken and edited within a matter of days after receiving the item(s). If there are quite a few items to be modeled, or you want multiple models, please allow a couple extra days for editing. You will receive an appropriate number of photos for each of the items sent. My photos are all edited by myself, from color enhancing, to touch ups, to airbrushing, and so on to ensure excellent quality photographs for myself, the model, and your business. As soon as I am finished editing the photos, I will burn them all to a cd and sign a full release for the photos, giving you permission from myself and the parent(s) of the model(s) to do whatever you like with the images. I will mail the cd of photos and release to the individual/boutique that sent the items to me, and if the items were not a trade, and were a payment or partial trade, the items that we discussed returning will be sent back at the same time as the cd. If you would like to see the photos before they are sent / arrive in the mail I can post an album on here for you, I have a facebook page for my services if you have a facebook page as well, or I can email them. I look forward to hearing from you!
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