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Default Re: small clippies? DO they exist?

Originally Posted by ceamama View Post
I haven't sold interchangeable ones - this is the "test" bow set, and I like it so far. I made the red & black bows with 1.5" ribbon, and the centers are just the tiny mini clips. I will try to get a good pic of the set in a little while & share it - my kids are all 3 sick with a tummy bug, so it may take a while.
Sorry about the tummy bug.

I'm looking forward to seeing pics when you have a chance.

Interchangeable bows sound great in theory but I'm wondering how user friendly and marketable they are. On the one hand you have the potential for many different looks for less money. On the other hand you have the likelihood that some of the components (bows and centers) are going to get lost and you are depending on the wearer (or their parent) to position the components properly, and to make sure they are secure.

I hope the kids are feeling better soon.
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