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Default Re: small clippies? DO they exist?

Originally Posted by ceamama View Post
I think HP has mini alligator clips. I bought a small pack at HL, and need to get more. I use them for mini boutique bows (1" wide or so), and for center accents on interchangeable stacked bows. I made DD a set of single boutiques that stack/mix and match with a lady bug center, and a scotty dog resin center. she can wear just the red, just the black, just the centers, or any combo of the three. (Hope that made sense)
Am I correct in assuming that an interchangeable stacked bow doesn't nest as tightly as a stacked bow that has been tied together. How does that affect the overall "look"? And how secure are the top bows that are clipped to the bottom bows?

I did check out the stacked bows at your homepage but I didn't see any interchangeable ones.

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