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Default Re: Other than grosgrain, what ribbon korks well?

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
i was just cleaning out the basement yesterday & came across a box of korkers i made eons ago out of the plastic lacing cord . . .

iirc the only thing i had to do was to make a bigger slit at the end of the dowel & then tie a knot in the cord to keep it on while winding.

also, iirc it's the kind of plastic cording that they used to make the box stitch weaving for keychains.

iirc - i baked them at the same temp/time . . . but they're real springy/keeps their shape.

lol - pls don't ask how long ago i made these = the reason for so many iirc!
Oh pr, I'd love to see some pics please!! I don't recall ever seeing a korker made out of plastic lacing cord
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