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Default United Craft or Rabom?

Hello ladies...
I have been making flowers, tutus, dresses clippies exc. for a while and simple bows... (thus always using TRR or micheals for ribbon) but now that I've sorta outgrown the 3-5 yard increments I am wanting to order 20-50yards of the solid colors BUT i have never ordered from United Crafts, I have ordered small amounts from RABOM for my twins birthday project and I liked the quality.
Rabom is 3x the price of the solid and then they dont do 50 so its 20 or 100yrds
Do you ladies like united crafts quality? for the price I am uber excited but a little scared of what I'll get? but at the same time I trust you all and I see alot of group sales for it so any opinions are welcome
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