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Default Re: How would a 2" salon clip (actually slightly shorter) look lined with 5/8" ribbon

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post
i do some of the snap clips w/the 5/8 ribbon . . . imo it looks better/more substantial depending on the embellishment.

an added bonus is more room to sew on your embellishment!

i can't wait to see your pics!
I fell asleep early last night so I didn't have a chance to try and make these. I do have the right 3/8 ribbon for two of the caps so I might start with those and work my way up.

Maybe today, but the girls are on vacation and I'm nervous using the glue gun around them. Not to mention they are like cats; they get right in the middle of whatever I'm trying to do.

What kind of embellishments have you used on a clip with a 5/8ths ribbon? I'm afraid the bottlecap will get lost against that much ribbon.

Thanks for the input.
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