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Default Re: Tent worries......

I have a blue one

What I wouldn't give for a white one.

I haven't run into any problems with not being able to use it, but it's so drab inside and it's hard to see the colors of things properly.

If you've got the extra $$, I'd definitely get the white one.

Originally Posted by karina721 View Post
My hubby purchased me a tent for Christmas. Love him for that! My question to you ladies is, does it being white REALLY matter that much? I've participated in a handful of outdoor shows and so far there have been no rules about them being white. How often have you come across that they HAVE to be white? He bought a light brown tent, beige or so. I haven't opened it yet due to this fact. When I asked him if they had a white one he said yes but that one was $100 more. UGH. Can I pick your brains? Thanks.
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