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Default Re: Brilliant Bow Maker

Originally Posted by doodlebugs View Post
wish I knew I am interested as well but I just want the maker do not really need the intructions
i got one for my birthday from my dh! i love it and my partner in bows ended up getting one too. as for the directions, i thought the same thing but it has been worth getting them too as it showed me how to use the template and gave me measurements on ribbon etc. and how to do a few new bows i hadn't gotten to learning mixed color twisted bows where the single bow has 2 split colors in the one bow.

i got the whole kit and kaboodle and i am glad i did. LOVE IT! (i actually think my bows looked good before getting it but they are more consistent now and i look more alike then before the templates. my only complaint is i wish they had a larger loops template and a twisted bow template for 3/8ths ribbon.
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