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Default Re: need help painting bottlecaps

I've been painting my own for a few months now. I like being able to paint them the perfect color for whatever image I want to use. I use acrylic paint and paint them by hand (the lighter colors take several coats). It can be time consuming but the results are fabulous! After I get them painted and dried to my liking I adhere the image and seal it with a layer of et lite and then pour on the dome and get the bubbles out like usual. Anyway this is what I do and it works very well. There is no flaking when you punk holes. They do not scratch. I have been thinking about trying spray paint and a sealer or spray paint and the et lite seal but I haven't done it yet. I do tons of caps at a time so it doesn't seem like such a hassle. If I was doing one at a time I wouldn't want to go through that process 10 times a month but if I do a hundred at a time then I don't have to do it again for a while. sorry for the ramble but I wanted to share what I do so that maybe it will help some of you that were wanting to do it yourself. I know this thread is old but I think there is probably still some interest
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