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Default Re: How would a 2" salon clip (actually slightly shorter) look lined with 5/8" ribbon

Unfortunately our camera has been acting a little hinky and I'm not exactly a whiz with it.

However, having finally made a couple of Christmas bows with buttons from the Sassy Paci GB I might be at the point where I have to post a couple of pics.

Possibly after I line some clips for them. I was pressed for time so I loosely attached them to some unlined salon clips.

Oh, and an advance word of warning on the Christmas bows. The ribbon pattern is a little busy. (Black scroll work on white satin). I had black velvet french knots all ready to fasten as centers when I made the mistake of showing the rhinestone buttons to DD1 & DD2. Needless to say they insisted on using the buttons instead of the french knots. I would have thought it would be a tacky garish mess but oddly enough it seems to work.

But that may be a matter of opinion. So even once I figure out how to post a pic it may be awhile before I work up the nerve to show these particular bows.

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