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Default Re: Seriously, girls are way too much fun!

Thanks ladies!

Originally Posted by CKane View Post
Have I told you lately that i am just in LOVE with your daughter - she is one of the most gorgeous little girls... EVER! and she's so friggin' cute w/this lipstick! ahhh!!! i wanna kiss her!
Awe, thank you!

Originally Posted by awhite214 View Post
SO cute! I have been really sad lately that my baby girl will be 1 next Friday But seeing these pics kind of makes me look forward to the next stages

BTW, that outfit is adorable! Did you make it?
My girls are 18 months, so just a bit older than yours. It is so sad seeing them grow up, but there are fun perks, like this! They are starting to really play with girl things now, dolls, dress up, pretend makeup - its so adorable!

And yes, I made the outfit.

Originally Posted by mlhardison1 View Post
Girls are too much fun!! And very expensive. Thats actually 2 girls, isn't it?? the pics are adorable. And I love the skirt and top. Oh, and the headband too!! Is your house full of pics of them?? Mine would be.
Yes, I have identical twins - this is pictures of the same girl - but usually people cannot tell that its two different babies if I group together pictures of them both.
I can only imagine how expensive they will be. But thankfully I can make some of their clothes and all of their hair accessories, so that should save a little bit of money!!
And I have hardly ANY pictures of them up on the walls, they are all on this computer! Bad, I know!
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