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Question Re: How to make bottlecap images with psp

Originally Posted by creativekiddos View Post
I don't have paint shop, I use Adobe Illustrator. If I had the program I could figure it out and explain it to you. How much does it cost?

I make a circle first that is 1x1 with a white border, next I either design the images myself or I have to custom size the an image and then cut out portions of the picture with a tool and then fill them with white.

Then I place the circle on top and arrange it so it is brought to the front. The circle has no fill and a white border. Then I group the item together and copy and past it.Next I set it each image into rows. It is pretty easy but it can be time consuming.
I never used Adobe Illustrator. I try to use it and see how that goes. Is there templates for those for Adobe? Paint shop is like 300 to 600 depends on which one you get. sometimes free depends on how u do it lol. I love it ... I just need to learn how or what size to pixel my circle. I don't know how to explain. I have a lot of scrap kits. On the buttons some of the kits would be cute for the buttons. I just order bottle caps. I can't wait to try it lol .. It looks sooo cute. I spent a lot of centers. I can be doing that. I need to make them. I don't work so when I get my money from hubbie lol .. So all that is gone. so I want to try to make it myself. You ladies rock. I seen some of the ladies work in here. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
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