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Default Re: How to make this design cheer bow???

I've been using a combination of HnB or vinyl n glue for various bows I make. I never use glue straight on fabric unless the fabric has been bonded to iron on vinyl first. It seems like a lot of steps, but it's not really, and the E6000 + vinyl combination for any fabrics I use has never come apart, even with a season's worth of wearing. My daughter has two bows from a large bow company who's initials may or may not be PB that you can clearly see the glue underneath the white seqiun, red mystique, and silver mystique fabrics. Not all were dark, see through glue lines, but more like you could see lumpy, squiggly lines of the glue under the fabric. Especially since the mystique catches the light and reflects it, you could really see the lines under the gym lites.
anyway, when I made the tic toc bow, I bonded my fabric to the vinyl, then glued the rotary-cut fabric/vinyl piece to the next layer, be it fabric or ribbon. This (for me only at least!) only applies to fabric layers that are not base layers, that particular layer gets HnB ultra (ironed twice back n front). Sequins always get HnB lite to the ribbon then glued onto the next layer, if any, plain GG gets HnB ultra, for the most part. i usually try to limit sequin layers to HnB lite, but I tried that once with a zebra ribbon with icky results, so you never know.... Just like others on here, I suggest ironing on both sides, esp if you're just using plain ribbon.
Sometimes, stiff bows are what your coaches want, they hold up better during stunts, tumbling, jumps and cheering/dancing than bows that flop. Some are for HS and PW teams that have short seasons, but the rest are allstar teams that have a long competition season, and have to hold up to a lot of abuse and travel.
Get your cheer on!
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