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Default Re: Please help me!!!

Originally Posted by mdbennett04 View Post
The pics are of hydrangeas that I tried to make... I dont know what im doing wrong, I rotate the petals so they dont overlap and the right side will look good and the left side yall think I need better flowers? I would like the hydrangeas with 4 petals but I dont know where to get them

Are you randomly grabbing petals and using them or are you picking and choosing - I suggest the latter... While i'm making my hydrangeas, I literally sit there and make sure that I am grabber specific sizes, shapes, etc and have them match if I'm doing a set of something... Also - you really have to eyeball it - sometimes you don't place them center directly on center. because hydrangeas petals are kind of lopsided, to get an "even look" you may have to place them a bit OFF center....

As for rannies - I do NOT take off the plastic inserts for the layers - and rannies look better (IMO) staggered only slightly - not blatantly this petal here, and there and the next one in the middle of it... I say stagger each layer just a bit off from the last - I hope that makes since... I'm attaching some photos of things I've done - so *maybe* you can see what I am talking about!!!

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