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Default Re: How to make this design cheer bow???

Originally Posted by woodkins View Post
I purchased the NBNG cheer bow instructions and they are GREAT, I have made tons of bows for my dd8 and her all star team. The issue I am having is that after a lot of wear, the heat n bond lite is sometimes not holiding the multi layers of ribbon together. It is great for bonding the confetti dot(sequin) fabric to the ribbon, but if I layer 2 grosgrains on top of each other, they end up coming apart after a few wears.

I have noticed in some threads people saying they are using a double sided tape. Can anyone share what type/brand of tape they are using, how to apply it and where to purchase it? Thanks soooo much!!!
This is how I do it. HNB to the fabric onto the ribbon, then I HNB top layer and middle layer - bond for the 15-20 secs per section then FLIP OVER to the ribbon side and iron on that side as well. Then attaching the back layer you will have to iron on the ribbon back side and make sure you are applying pressure and letting the heat penetrate. I haven't use double sided tape for cheer bows. Kate's Crafts is specialty brand double sided tape and I use it for lining headbands and snap clips.

The other option is to use HNB Lite for the fabric to ribbon and try the HNB ultra for the actual layering of the bow but I warn you it will be very very stiff and difficult to crease.
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