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Default Re: Flowers with Pleated Ribbon?

Sorry I didn't mention it sooner

There are so many flowers shown in the shop for reference and she's got tons of colors. It helps to see the ribbon shown like she has it.

I don't know about that ribbon you girls found but wow! I would love to try quite a few dff kinds of flowers with that stuff!

I checked the outlet for ombre ribbon a couple weeks ago but couldn't afford it by myself. To give you ladies an idea.. At the offray outlet you can get regular grosgrain, satin and velvet ribbon at an average of 12cents a yard. HUGE discounts.
This ombre ribbon was $10.00 (if memory serves correctly) for a spool.. I think of 50 yards. Widths around 7/8" and 1 1/2" were there. They had 20 or so colors up for grabs. I don't know how that works out but what do you think about a future split here on the forum? Is that a great price? Usually is.

I had considered a buy/split then but wasn't sure if anyone would like it as much as I did Plus I didn't want to offer it until I found someone who liked it AND I would have to purchase in advance b/c they don't always carry the same things each time.

I've got that on my fav list also. Love the krinkles
Glad I found your post

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