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Default Re: Have you used/seen these flowers?

For anyone else that was interested, they aren't like the hydrangeas.. The are actually like an ordinary flower, just with a lot of petals on each layer.. The end of the petals are bent to give them that hydrangea type look. Behind all the petals they have one of those plastic things that keep the shape of the flower, but its clear not an ugly yellow like on some others, then the leaves are stuck to the back as the last layer.. I don't really like the look with the 3 leaves, would probably prefer 2 on one side, but they'll be easy enough to change.

I bought 3 colours to try them out and they're super cute.. Would look great on a skinny elastic headband. I haven't actually used them yet, but looks like you'd be able to use them as is, and just put a felt circle on the back..

And thanks to chicish for the super fast post, even all the way over here is Aus
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