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Default Re: My First Woven Headband... HELP!

Originally Posted by Gulana94 View Post
Yup you gotta pull tight and use more then one clip I usually do every 2 inches for a clip. Also I have noticed that if you dont start off with your weaving placement being even your diamonds will never be right no matter how tight you pull. i have done this a few times its very annoying.
Exactly! I keep starting over! How do you know how to get it even?! The instructions I found on youtube just said to glue 2 ribbons to each other and then make an x.

I do clip it, I just took them off so you see my stupid diamonds lol. I guess I'll try.. yet again. I cannot give up, these are sooo cool!!! I can't wait to see the looks on people's faces when they say "YOU made THAT"?!?!
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