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Default Re: I just got my new camera! Canon Rebel T1i

you should go out and get the book "understanding exposure" it will make you understand how to use that camera in Manual and you will be shooting like a pro in no time! If you want the backround more blurry make sure you apature is as low as it will go(F1.8) and then make sure the model is not right against the backdrop the need to have some distance between them.

I have a nikon d90 i started out with the 50mm lense and i loved it but i couldnt get as much as i wanted in the frame example i was outside and wanted a pic of the kids against the fence i had to stand half way across the street like in the middle of the rode to get them both in there! So i went back and got a 35mm instead a little more but fits more in the lense and same great picture quality, anywho hope that helps and really that book is amazing
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