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Default Re: New to Facebook ..sorta...

I have a facebook fan page and even though I get new fans almost every day, I've made NO sales from it.

I even had a customer who asked me for a bow to review and do a giveaway on her youtube channel - she has about 250 subscribers. I ended up with about fifteen people who liked my page and said how cute my stuff was, and three who followed me on twitter. None of them have bought a thing. Nada. I'm disappointed.

I have a friend who sells on her personal facebook page, but she's been doing bows for years, has a huge client base and 400 fb friends. When she posts ready to ship bows on her page there's like a mad dash to claim them. It's crazy! But...she only posts about ten or so at a time and only every week or so. I guess in between she's doing custom orders and local orders, but I can't guess at the volume. I know it took her a long time to build up to what she's got now, too.
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