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Default Re: Any Crafty ideas for guys?

Originally Posted by snmhxf View Post
You should use feed corn instead. It is much cheaper and actually safer and less likely to mildu... I originally wanted to do rice bags but found out that there was all kinda issues and found research done compairing all differnet methods (rice, corn, rocks, beans, heating pads and a bunch of others) and corn is less likely to mildu and holds heat longer and much cheaper... a pound of corn is about $0.15 compaired to a pound of rice... what $1?? Not sure there.

I love these by the way.. made a ton for my craft shows and only 3 sold.. I have like 20 that I am gifting this christmas as well!

Where can you buy dried corn? I know you can get it from the feed store because we used to mix it in for the horses, but I don't know where to buy it that isn't in a 40 lb bag lol.
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