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Default Re: What do you line your alligator clips with?

I use duck carpet tape too. When I make them for my girls (who just turned 2 but didn't get much hair until 6mo ago so its still pretty fine) or others with fine hair I dont clean up the hot glue from the inside of the clip (that seeps through the cracks) as the glue gives extra traction. My friend puts a thin line of hot glue along the center of the inside ribbon. I've also heard of using silicone but never tried it. Everyone seems happy with the duck liner

edited to add: I've made newborn baby bows using only velcro on the back (no clip) and they hold really well to very little new hair so I would imagine putting velcro inside the clip (the rough side) would work too. I've never tried the velvet ribbon but I know personally I've put in a clip with glitter ribbon on it and it stayed put on me so I can imagine textured ribbons would work well too

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