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Default Re: White bg VS. Natural Background

Originally Posted by mysweetbowtique View Post
i have item pics on photoshopped white backround i think it lets the product be the focus and then i also have a pic of item on a model so they can see it in use, here is a link to one of my items for an example
Ditto. Important to give a crisp and clear photo of product only and then offer a photo modeled for example. I don't like to offer one without the other either. IMO white is best unless your items are too light. then i would go with a different solid that works with your over all appearance.
too many bkgs gunk up a site. When I see photos in different sizes/ taken different ways on sites or in etsy stores I honestly back away. I like the idea that the seller works to keep everything uniform. just because in my case the things that drive me work both ways. ie uniform appearance of photos means you may see uniform appearance in craft. i dunno.
I guess uniform overall is most important.

also some sites are have OVERly edited photos. It's gross. Like when you look at the photo and know it was p-shopped. I think if that's the case you're better off keeping the picture as-is and adding a nice border. Maybe just softening it up a bit. If customers see too much editing they may doubt the quality of the work to start.

I voted white photoshop, so that's why I comment. It's nice.. but only when you have a fab picture to start from.

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