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Default Re: How to make Alligator Braided Clip

Originally Posted by 1pink1blue View Post
Anyone have the tut to share? I have asked nicely for it a couple times and she hasn't responded
She never responded to me either.
Here is what I am going to do.
Use the youtube video posted previously. Make it just tinch longer than the alligator clip.

Cut small pieces of the 1./4 white grosgrain, like you would spikes for the teeth. attache them with hot glue underneath the military braid (from the video)

The eyes are just rolled 3/4 green grosgrain it appears, rolled to the size of the googly eyes and glued on to the top of the military braid.

Attach the alligator head to a lined alligator clip.

Then finish off with a bow. Here are instructions for that! :] might have to connect the back of the bow to the eyes with a piece of grosgrain across the backs of both! Havent tried it yet, but def going to!

Hope this helps from another person wanting to make it! Soooo cute! Go Gators!

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