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Default Re: Help! Zebra cheer bow bonding issues...

I've never tried it, I know Pia has mentioned it to me before. I knew these bows were going to finish the season at Nationals (or so we hoped! And they did!), and didn't have time or extra zebra ribbon to try something new. Plus, I HATE when you can see glue marks through white ribbon or fabric. It happens, and doesn't seem to bother the large cheer bow companies (PB and UB), but I try to avoid it whenever possible. I had some smears of the zebra as it was, and ended up tying some of the bows a little differently to manage it. I have permanent zebra print imbedded in my ironing board, too. Don't think I'll be buying that company's zebra again although someone like Venus needs to make 2" or 2.25" zebra! Thick zebra that doesnt look like tiger is very hard to find.
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