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Default Re: Any Crafty ideas for guys?

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
I'm making rice bags for like everybody this year (cause I'm trying to be thrifty!! haha!)

But I made a matching set. I did a long tube like one for necks and knees and other achey body parts and then made some small square ones for pocket warmers! Its like reuseable hot hands!

You should use feed corn instead. It is much cheaper and actually safer and less likely to mildu... I originally wanted to do rice bags but found out that there was all kinda issues and found research done compairing all differnet methods (rice, corn, rocks, beans, heating pads and a bunch of others) and corn is less likely to mildu and holds heat longer and much cheaper... a pound of corn is about $0.15 compaired to a pound of rice... what $1?? Not sure there.

I love these by the way.. made a ton for my craft shows and only 3 sold.. I have like 20 that I am gifting this christmas as well!
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