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Originally Posted by LuvyBug Designs View Post
So cute. My daughter will be 2 the end of Feb and she had so much hair...and then at about 4 months it all fell out, and in a weird pattern. She finally got hair in the last couple of months but it's super short. She has hair just like mine, though, so I doubt she'll have much until she's 3. At least that's the story my mom tells.
I really hope she keeps hers I LOVE IT

Originally Posted by Jaryha View Post
oh my look at all that hair. my last DD was born with a heap of hair to. she is 4 months old now and hasnt lost any of it. WOOT WOOT. i have to clip it back cos it hangs in her eyes now
Awww cute! I have a ton of clips I bought for when it gets long enough to be in her face, hopfeully it doesnt fall out first!

Originally Posted by *Sarah* View Post
Originally Posted by Swanson22 View Post
She is such a DOLL!!!
Originally Posted by carswayman View Post
She is so adorable. Great picture.
thank you ladies so much!
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