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Default Re: Using Joanns Coupon

Originally Posted by iluvstarz2001 View Post
I don't understand why they argue over a stupid coupon. It's like, just scan the darn thing and if it works, super....if not, the computer will tell you and you don't have to be a biotch! I'm glad my Joann's I have here are super nice and helpful (with the occasional woman who hates her job and is nasty to all customer of course!) Glad you got it without much hassle!
because some coupons will scan and the system will take them even if the wording does not allow. and then the cashier gets busted and it's 3 strikes you're out at Michaels

<--------- former Michaels cashier. no i didnt get fired, i moved lol. but i lived in fear of getting caught, corporate is really anal about some things and i needed my job more than some customer needed their coupon to go through (no offense, it just stunk when a customer would treat me like dirt and it was out of my hands)

and michaels coupons have a ton of exclusions...sizzix, cricut etc. gotta read the small print on them
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