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Default Re: Any Crafty ideas for guys?

I am making bottle cap clips for my family who lost a loved one last year with his picture on it the cap. For the girls it was easy to make a clippie with a tiny camo bow and put the cap in the center but I couldn't figure out what to make for my uncle. So I just made a bottle cap and bought a "kelt pin" out of the jewelry making section at HL and attached it to that. That way my uncle can pin it to his fishing cap.(it looks kind of like a fishing hook)

I bought a package of 4 bottlecaps out of the jewelry making section with the little hook already attached and it hooks right onto the pin where there are 3 separate tiny holes.

Each bottle cap was about 25 cents and the kelt pins were about 37 cents each so only a little over 60 cents each for the hardware. They could have fun choosing what to put on their bottle caps although if you don't already do bottle caps that's a whole separate venture to get into!
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