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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

I appreciate people not wanting pictures they have worked hard to generate to be stolen. especially ones of their own children. i would be pissed too. regardless of the size of the business, theft is theft. would one go to walmart and just start pocketing items because they are a big company and its no great loss to them? the big name businesses were not always big name. they worked hard to get where they are now too. Just because a business is successful does not make it alright to take their images and make a profit off of it. i don't make bottlecaps, but i do make scrabble size pendants and i try to only use royalty free and original graphics that i purchase. pictures that are in the public domain. i try to avoid purchasing anything i know to be copyrighted. my customers may want it, but its illegal and i'm not going to do it.
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