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Originally Posted by mysunshineboutique View Post
Wish I could help. This sounds like it takes a lot of talent! Good luck
That's what I use my Cricut and the make-The-Cut program for. It makes it easy to design what ever I want and then it cuts on the cricut. Hardest part is getting the un needed pieces off without tearing the rest of it.

Originally Posted by rahretro View Post
the last show I was at a girl was there that sells vinyl decals for home and i forget the name of the company she just represents them.. they were soooooooooooo expensive.. I really want a chandelier to hang in my living room but it was 84.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's exactly why I started making my own. Far too expensive to but ==y from that company. They have cute stuff. But it just isn't worth it. granted i can't make huge ones, but for what I need my cricut is perfect.

Originally Posted by cobyshayngirl View Post
But to help answer the original question, you need to use Oracal 651 or Oracal 731 or 751 I can't remember. 651 has outdoor life of 3-4 years, but 7 hundred has 6-7 years. DO NOT use cricut vinyl or 631 for outdoors b/c it won't last long at all. HTH!
Thank you!! I was going to buy Oracal so you made this very easy. i was on their site and found it a tad overwhelming LOL
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