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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

Originally Posted by lovedove View Post
The picture of the kufi's belongs to someone here, I remember seeing the photo in either a group buy or destash. I'll have to see if I can figure it out.

In my opinion, taking a good phots is one of the most time consuming/hardest parts of this business. I spend ALOT of time taking pics and editing them to show my work. I would be pissed if someone just stole them like that!! If you don't have a good camera, get one or borrow one! It's a crucial component to selling online!

ETA: Found it! It's ckane's photo
do you know if this person is a member here? I know that I gave permission to some ladies to use the photos of shoes/boots to garner interests - I wonder if that's why/how she came about the kufi photo - and decided to use it.......

I see she added the disclaimer for taking the photos off of some of you gals - wow - never ceases to amaze me!
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