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Default Re: Little boy fedoras??

Originally Posted by daisyrose305 View Post
Yes I guess they are helpfull after all
Last night I had him helping with "reindeer poop" favors for my dd's class and he said "I like doing could of just asked for help before"

Crafting is THE threapy I always needed!
I learned to crochet on youtube in a weekend, last winter! I wanted to learn just so I could make crochet cupcakes and cookies (big fan of twinkiechan) I got so addicted that I can make just about anything now! You should go on ravelry. com they have lots of patterns there.
My mom, aunts, and grandma all crochet but I could never learn it from them!
That exactly what I did. I learned n a weekend on you tube how funny! I will look those up. I learned from teresa on u tube! My mom crafts and has my whole life. She's a sewer. She imo is a professional sewer. So that's where I get it from. Imo my mom can make anything
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