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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

It's past midnight and im tired and bitchy, but my reply was

I'm sorry but I work in the same industry and it's highly offensive to have your photo's used as someone elses work. The ladies that you copied the pics from work really hard to produce these beautiful tutu's and you go and take their photos and basically represent them as your own and sell them.

It wasn't slander, it was the truth - you were using someone elses picture as a representation of your own work - you say you tell a customer that they're not your pics, but how do we know that? Just cost you say it doesn't make it true

At the end of the day what you did was wrong, and the girls that I could contact before you took the pics down, have been contacted and so has the admin of the Bundaberg Classifieds page - good luck with your tutu's haha

off to bed - i hope she takes all the pics down so rude

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