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Default Re: Are you images stolen?

Originally Posted by LolaRose View Post
Rachel BordenDecember 15 at 11:57pm Report
Sorry if i offended anyone, but if you looked under the album info. I had "These are not my actual photos, others were used to show the detailing that can be done. Where as my camera does not, but myne can be made exactly the same" . And i had links there of wherever the photos came off google.

But for everyone to know know as they enter the picture. I took it down and put it under every photo.
Also, when customers message me, thats the first thing i tell them.
So look into things and get all the info first before you go slandering.
how is it slandering if we are just stating that the images are not hers???
that makes no sense! hahaha
well at least she removed some of them :P
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