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Default Re: Question about cheer bows

Originally Posted by gmcks2001 View Post
There will always be websites that will undersell your bows. What buyers do not realize is they are cheap in materials and craftsmanship.

I don't believe you will ever get out in profit what you put into the bow in your time and effort. I know there are posts in this forum about pricing of bows, I have even responded myself.
Amen to that, sister!!
You'll see posts related to that issue as well, the cheap yucky bows you see in cheer catalogs.
Ann is right, check the forum, there's quite a lot of threads related to cheer bow pricing.
It all depends, if it's a local buyer you are hoping to really get, you may price a little below normal, or offer a "percentage off" in the hopes of getting their business. I priced bows at much lower costs than normal for a local Tiny Mite PW team, in the hopes of getting not only her business, but her sister's as well. Sure enough, her sister the head coach of the HS called for her competition bows.
Good Luck, it's an interesting venture...
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