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Default Re: How can I make hair bows with 2 prong alligator clips?

Originally Posted by njzmom View Post
you can buy the 2 pronged clips at Sally's. They have a big box of them for about $5.

You can also try the itty bitty clips for your daughter. my baby has practically no hair, so they work best for her (lack of LOL)hair.

you just have to line the inside - top with velvet, shelf liner, or velcro to make them no-slip. people use a lot of other stuff too for that like foam, carpet tape, even plastic/rubber tubing. you have to find out what material you like best.

good luck! and enjoy!!!

ps - thats how i got started 5 years ago, 100 spools of ribbon ago, LAMBS instructions ago, endless glues sticks ago, etc.....hahahhahaha

are there any instructions on the internet with pictures on how to do these?
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