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Default Secrets of Making Personalized Name/Image Fabric Buttons on a Budget!

I figured out a way to make buttons with pictures or personalized names on them, without using a kit or button machine. For the budget minded, you can expect to spend around $40 on supplies, but you might have most of this stuff on hand already, and it is enough to make plenty of buttons.

You might also need a computer-savvy friend or relative to work with you on photo-editing software (like Snag-it, Photoshop, etc.) to add the names.

You will need the following supplies:
1. Printable Cotton Fabric for Ink Jet printers (can be found in office supply stores or some craft stores)
2. Wood discs or circles (any craft store) or button of your choice.
3. Fabri-Tac glue (glue gun not recommended)
4. Needle and thread
5. Scissors
6. Optional: Snag-It software (free trial at

Instructions for Personalized Buttons:
1. Wrap a wooden circle or button with a plain, solid-colored fabric of your choice. Go to for instructions on how to make a fabric-covered button.

2. Do a Google search for free backgrounds or go to to find a background you like. Download the background and open it using Snag-It or other photo-editing software.

3. Using Snag-It software (free trial at or other photo-editing software, add the name of your choice in a contrasting color. Crop and resize your image. (Side note: I swear by Snag-It for computer screen captures. Their tutorials are fantastic.)

4. Make sure your image will fit the desired wood circle by printing the image onto a blank sheet of paper and placing the wooden circle over the image (since the printable fabric is kinda pricey). A handy chart to convert pixels to printout size can be found here:

5. Once it's correct, print onto fabric and trace a faint circle on the fabric and cut the image out.

6. Use Fabri-Tac sparingly to glue the fabric circle onto the fabric button. You may want to carefully singe the ends of the fabric to prevent fraying.

7. Glue button onto a bow center, or embellish and add to a headband.


- To conserve printable fabric, print design on paper first.
- When using printable fabric, align designs horizontally or vertically. Cut section off evenly and reuse shortened blank fabric sheet.

If you find these secrets useful, I am gratefully accepting donations into my PayPal account at [email protected]. No pressure, though.

Feel free to post questions. I'll check periodically for messages.
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