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Default Re: Thanks slwleigh!!!

Originally Posted by LadyFrontbum View Post
Yours is gorgeous shellybean!! I can't attempt the round ones yet because I don't have thick enough ribbon and I think the smaller ribbon will be too fiddly and thick.

I did, however, try one out of fabric. (sorry if the white of the image looks weird, it looks different on each of my monitors so it's hard for me to see if i've edited the white out properly lol).

I'm gonna try some satin soon.
Wish I had some spray starch.

On a related note, what the heck do you sell these for? I have no idea how to price mine.
Sooo cute! I love it and the colors are so pretty! Good job!!!! I bought some fabric this weekend and I am going to make make my yorkie a dog collar and try and make a ribbon/ fabric flower to match and put it on french barrette for her. We will see if it turns Hopefully I can make one small enough.

I am no help on the price though, I only make things and give them away...can ya
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