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Originally Posted by Maxine View Post
Even the most sweet, loveable, good-natured girls can get ugly when it relates to a wedding lol You're in a tough position because without a real clear idea of what she wants, you could end up with the "geez, it isn't at all what I expected" comment

And, if at all possible, get what she wants in writing (easy to do via email). Make sure teal isn't turquoise. Mauve isn't pink.. you get the picture.

Make sure you know exactly what size this headpiece is supposed to be. Also. be SURE it can be worn no matter how the girls wear their hair (this part can be challenging!).

Best of luck to you!

Thanks! Something tells me I am going to need it. I have asked her to send me details in an email and Im going to send her pictures of my ideas before I start. I sure hope I get it right
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