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Default Re: how to make his style

I finally mastered this bow!! Well, I think I did pretty good anyway I do need to make my spikes at least .5 inch longer. This is how I did it...

4" twisted in 1.5 in. ribbon
10 inches of 7/8 in. ribbon for the middle figure 8
The other loops: 4.5 piece of 7/8 in. ribbon made into half figure 8's
I forgot how long I cut my 3/8 in. ribbon for the korkers. I think 10 or 12 inches.
For the marabou, 4 in. placed vertically and hot glue the ends to the bottom of the bow (I did this step second after gluing in the figure 8).
5 inches for the spikes, but I suggest making them 5.5 inches long or longer. Glue these on after gluing the marabou to the bottom of the bow to hide it.

How's my bow look? Anything to improve? I know it's not as "funky" as some of yours, but I am really bad perfectionist/OCD, so I had to have some order to it, LOL!

Also, check out my website I just got the day before Thanksgiving. I haven't had a lot of time to work on it, but I hope to complete it over Christmas break since I'll be off for two weeks from my day job! Any suggestions, let me know!
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